Hiring a Stairlift Installer

If you’re in need of a stair lift, you’ll want to hire an experienced installer. Stair lifts are complex pieces of equipment and installing one incorrectly can cause injury to you or your loved ones. Some stair lift manufacturers have their own in-house installations teams while others work with local dealers. When choosing a dealer, ask if they have a showroom so you can visit and see the products. Also, consider asking about additional services they provide beyond installation.

The first step in hiring a stairlift installer is to schedule a home evaluation and measurements by an experienced professional. This consultation will help the technician determine what stair lift model is best for your needs. They will also make note of any obstructions on your stairs such as window sills or heating pipes. It’s a good idea to remove any photos or plant pots that may get in the way of the technicians as well.

On the day of installation, the technician will arrive with the stair lift and any necessary tools. If you have a straight staircase, the installation should take about three to four hours. Curved staircases can be more challenging and may take longer. Depending on your specific needs, the installer will install the rail system to the stair treads or walls and attach it securely. Once the rail is in place, they will install the carriage or chair and run any wiring needed to operate your stair lift.

After the stair lift is installed, the installer will test it and make any necessary adjustments. They will also give you or your loved one a thorough training session on how to use it safely and properly.

Some people who need a stairlift are able to pay for the cost of the product and installation through private health insurance, Medicare Advantage plans, or state disability programs. Other families choose to install a stair lift on their own to save money. While this is possible, most experts recommend against DIY installation due to safety concerns. Moreover, most stair lift companies will void the warranty on any lift that has been self-installed.

Stairlifts are safe and dependable for those who need to overcome obstacles in their homes. With proper installation and care, they can help you or your loved ones stay independent in your own home for years to come. In addition, if you purchase a quality stairlift and have it serviced annually, it will extend the life of the equipment significantly. Contact a local mobility store for more information about stair lifts and to learn how you can receive assistance with the costs of your new accessibility solution.